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    Pug meet!!

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    Thanks to samsanromanphoto for taking our new press shots.  Pre order #WhiteNoise HERE if you haven’t already 

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    By : Eiji Saito

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    Lynn of Pvris in her Yon and Joko Scoop Tee!

    Show us how you style your GK for a chance to win a full summer wardrobe and photoshoot! Details at www.glamourkills.com/gksummer

    Photo: Ashley Osborn

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    Chasing #realraysfordays with @maurensparrow

    For more perfectly captured rays of light, follow @maurensparrow on Instagram and browse the #realraysfordays hashtag.

    Little Rock Instagrammer Mauren Sparrow Kennedy (@maurensparrow) is the creative brain behind #realraysfordays. Though sunbeams are commonly enhanced in digital post-processing, Mauren spends her time both photographing and curating photographs that feature “the most beautiful, interesting, unique—and totally real—sunrays that Instagrammers could catch on their phones.” Looking at the ever-growing gallery, Mauren is excited by how the community has picked up #realraysfordays. To help create more light chasing images, she shares her top tips for capturing sunrays:

    1. Always be on the lookout. “The sun behind certain clouds or the way it can shine through the trees gives you completely natural, absolutely real rays that are incredible.”
    2. Be aware of your light source and the objects around it. “Shooting directly into the light with your light source slightly obscured by either a thing or person will give you some awesome sun glare.”
    3. Practice. “Once you figure out how to shoot the rays you like, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! See what shot works best for showing off the awesome rays you’re trying to capture. Shoot from different angles and with different exposures to make sure you’re getting your rays in the best light possible (pun intended).”